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Please read our SOP before you come to class. Your safety and class quality is always our priority. Read SOP HERE

We are now using Movement Control Order (MCO) Schedule.
Do check our schedule from time to time as there will be minor time changes and new classes throughout this MCO period.

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Mischievous Bangsar

Pole Classes
B - Beginners
BI - Beginners to Intermediate
Basic Pole 1 - A term of 4 classes - WhatsApp us to book for this term (Click to WhatsApp)

Flying Classes
Suitable for All Level including beginners

* Easy pace class
Booking Policy 
  • Please be aware that if you cannot make it to the class, you need to cancel your booking 8 hours before the class. Fail to do so, your pass will still be deducted.
  • You will not be allowed to enter the class if you are late for 15 minutes or more with no reimbursement. The first 15 minutes is where the warm up will be conducted.
  • Member who continuously cancel their bookings will reduce their ability to book multiple classes in a week.

Booking Rating Past 30 days 
We strongly discourage members who book first and decide later.
Member who continuously cancel their bookings will reduce their ability to book multiple classes in a week.
If your cancellation rate above 40%, you will will only book 2 classes at any given time. Further increase of cancelation will reduce to 1 class.
This does not includes OnDemand and Waiting List cancellation

  Past minimum 30 minutes booking time.
You need to book at least 30 minutes before the class to prevent double mark your attendance. There might be still slots for you to attend. Do check with us now!
  On Demand
On Demand class will be conducted if the minimum person is met. You can rechecked this portal at least 8 hours ahead if the class is on. Once your booking is confirmed, you are not able to cancel.
  Waiting List
You will be placed on waiting list if the class is full. As soon as there is someone cancel their booking, you will replace the class slot. You can rechecked this portal if your booking is successful.
Class Full
Class already full and pass the minimum 6 hours cancellation period.
Class Cancelled
Class cancelled for this mentioned date/time.
Free Classes
No booking allowed for Free classes. It will be on first come first serve basis.

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